LandARC Ltd is an award winning, land architecture and design studio established in 2016 by Elizabeth Staveley BA Hons Dip LA CMLI.  

The practice has projects ranging from large scale regeneration and place making initiatives, considering long term funding plans, stakeholder engagement and delivery ... to small, intimate, private landscapes ... which are often quite luxurious and always 'of their place'. 

Elizabeth is a creative and innovative thinker; her skills and experience cross a range of development related disciplines, following directorship of multi-disciplinary design practices in London and the Middle East.

Her love of geography, nature and design combined with seven years of training took her on a voyage of chartership, discovery and legacy. Elizabeth now has over twenty years of professional experience, delivering new settlements, green infrastructures, places, spaces and landscapes for a wide variety of stakeholders.

LandARC predominantly works across the south of the UK and the Middle East. Our portfolio includes regional scale eco parks, infrastructure planning, aviation projects, Ministry of Defence projects, leisure-focussed resorts, residential masterplanning, coastal regeneration, stakeholder engagement and high quality public and private realm delivery. 

LandARC collaborates with a large, multi-disciplinary company with an expertise in Crown and Military land assets conserving and interpreting the past for future generations ...

" Elizabeth is a dream to work with and 

we have been lucky enough to work with her on several projects...

Elizabeth has my highest recommendation and I would be delighted to work with her again..." 

Bryan O'Sullivan - Interior Architect London

  • LandARC - office location
  • Jordan - VIP hotel design
  • Hampstead - roof gardens
  • LandARC - Paris garden
  • Belgravia - 12m green wall
  • LandARC - Truro Loops Surveys and Concepts
  • LandARC - bespoke detailing
  • LandARC - Belgravia Roof Garden
  • LandARC
  • LandARC - resort design
  • The Rill Garden
  • LandARC - new moat & bridge
  • LandARC - sculpture aquisition
  • LandARC - fountain restoration
  • Belgravia - floating paving
  • LandARC - bespoke metal work
  • Chedington Court - new lakes and fountains
  • Regenerating a community
  • Jersey - new spa and garden
  • Nyn Park - estate restoration
  • LandARC - estate restoration
  • Historic research - Brocket Hall
  • LandARC - LVIA, Coverack
  • LandARC - stone strategies
  • Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies
  • LandARC - Mauritius resort design
  • LandARC - new garden walls
  • LandARC - Elizabeth Staveley
  • LandARC - garden design concept